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Group Buying Made Easy – how it works:

1. Buy your item with the group
Simply join an existing group or create a new group to buy your item with small deposit.

2. Get your Group Buy discounted price
Upon the end of group buying date, the final discounted price is set based on number of buyers in the group.

3. Item purchase fulfillment
The Merchant will then do fulfillment for your purchase item (the same way as direct purchasing from the Merchant). And, you pay the remaining balance amount to the Merchant.


Select Item Category to Purchase with Group Buy

What is the benefit of group buying on Digital Home Mart?

On Digital Home Mart you can easily create or join group buying independently. You only need to do your own purchase and the platform group like minded buyers like yourself for better deal price. You do not need to co-ordinate or be responsible for other buyers’ purchases.


What is the group buy deal price?

Group buy deal price is based on the number of buyers in the group after the group deal buying date ends. Upon the group buying date ends, you will be notified on the final group deal price. 

When is the group buying end date?

Group buying end date is stated when you join the group to purchase. Or if you create a new group buy, you can set the group buying end date.

What will be my item price if no one joins the group?

Your item price will be what is stated as the initial price for the item without the group buying deal discount. This initial price is the same selling price if you purchase the item directly from the Merchant.

What about the warranty terms and after sales support?

The purchase warranty terms and after sales support are provided directly by the Merchant. This will the same warranty terms and after sales support if you purchase the item directly from the Merchant.

Do I need to pay additional fee or service charge on DigitalHomeMart?

No, there is no additional fee or service charge. You only pay for your purchase item price. 

Why do I need to pay small deposit for the purchase item?

The small deposit is the buyer’s commitment for the purchase. As the final deal price depends on the number of buyers in the group, the buyer’s commitment for the purchase is required to set the final deal group buying price.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order, but your deposit payment will be forfeited. 

With DigitalHomeMart partnership we can provide direct factory pricing with group buying for new homeowners.

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We are excited to partner with DigitalHomeMart to make it easier for new homeowners to create buying group for better deals.

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